Wednesday, 9 August 2017

What is a Hybrid Mobile App?

It is a usual question asked by users. Now a days we are having applications for various platforms like iOS, android, windows, etc. We directly go to the app store and install an application we want. These are called ‘Native Applications’. Now there are such applications which are having web application as well which generally run on web browser.

So the combination of web application and native application is called hybrid application. For that technologies like JavaScript, HTML and CSS are used by the mobile application developing companies. The experts are creating great web applications using JavaScript and CSS with beautiful layouts, by enforcing the HTML which can run on any platform now they are able to create native applications with same capabilities.

Mobile application developing companies develop web application in addition to that they also develop code in native application in such a way that it is made compatible with all mobile application platforms.

While exploring hybrid application a question may arrive, if the data of the application are stored in the device or on a remote server. For that there are two ways Local and server.

Local: Package HTML with JavaScript inside the mobile application, similar way in native application. Now that data is moved back and front which is synchronized at cloud.

Server: Implement full web application on server using container as a thin shell.
Xamarin, Ionic, Teleric Appbuilder, React Native are some of the platforms which are used for developing hybrid mobile applications.
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