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Wiki Leaks

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Wiki Leaks is a non-profit journalistic organization. Its goal is to bring vital news and information to everyone. It gives a creative, secure and anonymous way for sources to leak information to its journalists. The most important activity carried out by them is to publish original source material alongside their news stories so everybody can verify those material by referring evidence of the truth. It has worked to report on and publish important information. They also develop and adapt technologies with the help of software development companies to support these activities. The broader principles on which its work is based on the defense of freedom of speech and media publishing and the cooperation of the rights of all everyone to create new history.

How WikiLeaks work:
Wiki Leaks has combined high-end security technologies of application development companies with journalism and ethical principles. When information comes in, journalists analyze that material, assess and verify it and then write a news piece about it describing its significance to society. They then publish on their website both the news story and the original material so that readers can analyze the story in the context of the original source material themselves. Unlike Wikipedia, random readers cannot edit their source documents.
Wiki Leaks accept leaked material via electronic drop box or other applications developed by application development companies. Then they assess all news stories, test their truthfulness and then publish those material. Publishing the original source material behind each of news stories is the way in which they show the public that their story is authentic. By making the documents freely available, they expand analysis and comment by all the media and public.

Importance of WikiLeaks:
Wiki Leaks publish all news stories on its website with certain privileges to make them secure. It has collaborated with web development companies to achieve its purpose.
Publishing enhances transparency, and this transparency generates a better society for everyone. Scrutiny helps to achieve reduced corruption in politics and healthier democracies in all society’s institutions, including multi-national corporations, software development companies, government and other organizations. 
Wiki Leaks has provided a new model of journalism. As Wiki Leaks is a non-profit organization, it doesn't follow the conventional model of competing with other media, rather than it works cooperatively with different journalistic media organizations around the world. They believe the world’s media should work together to bring stories specially about all politicians to a broad international readership.

Few Notable Leaks of Wiki Leaks:
  •  (WikiLeaks, 2007) helped providing information to the UK newspaper The Guardian to publish a story about corruption by the family of the former Kenyan leader Daniel arap Moi  in August 2007.
  • (WikiLeaks, Information published by WikiLeaks, 2008) released allegations of illegal activities at the Cayman Islands branch of the Swiss Bank Julius Baer in February 2008.
  • (WikiLeaks, Information published by WikiLeaks, 2008) posted the contents of a Yahoo account belonging to Sarah Palin during  the 2008 United States presidential election campaign in September 2008.
  • (WikiLeaks, Information published by WikiLeaks, 2009) released 86 telephone intercept recordings of Peruvian politicians and businessmen involved in the 2008 Peru oil scandal in January 2009.
  • (WikiLeaks, Information published by WikiLeaks, 2010) released around 4,00,000 documents relating to the Iraq war in October 2010.
  • (WikiLeaks, Information published by WikiLeaks, 2015) released articles, which showed that NSA kept spying on many German telephone numbers of German federal ministries, especially the Chancellor Angela Merkel, in July 2015. 

Wiki Leaks is an international, non-profit, journalistic organization which publishes different secret political affairs on its website securely with the tie-up of different web development companies globally.

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